Dane Todorovski

Dane Todorovski

I am Dane Todorovski, an entrepreneur with a purpose to help people solve their problems. Passion is my driver and happiness is my outcome.

My life path has taught me that every person has at least one excellent idea. Most do not know what they have or what to do with it. Ideagyzer is here to make their ideas a reality by giving them real proven methods of evaluating and implementing ideas. Bonus: share my perspective on business concepts and success.

Who is Dane Todorovski?

I was born in Macedonia – a small country is south east Europe famously known for things I do not wish do discuss. My generation has been in the middle of societal development – between the socialist society when my parents grew and the modern democracy we were striving towards. Growing is such a place had a lot to do with my shaping as an entrepreneur. You see, we had, and still do have a lot of problems.

But my active personality was really shaped by my parents. They encouraged sport, pursuing my passions and showed me small businesses functionality from a young age (they have had around 20 small ventures). Somehow this made me like business and even more – made me addicted to competition and achievement. The excellent grades came and went together with some sports results too. We even moved to the USA for a year, but that is a story in itself.

The turning point was the end of high school and choosing a college. I knew that there is a high probability for me to start my dream business at that time – e-waste collection and so I did. Won the national business plan competition, got funded, went through the usual hurdles and after almost 2 years I failed. It turns out that failing at 22 is actually a very good thing! 

Pitching @ Get in the ring 2014, Eastern Europe Finals
Dane Todorovski Pitching @ Get in the ring 2014, Eastern Europe Finals

Why Ideagyzer?

To be honest, I have always had a negative bias towards writing. At least that is what I thought of until months before launching. The positive feedback from the people closest to me, professional accomplishments that I needed to share and things I felt needed to be said, drove me to Ideagyzer.

Ideagyzer’s vision is to be the place where people can get real tools to help achieve their ideas – no matter professional or personal. I think that everyone has that one (or two, three) ideas which might change the World, but most lack enthusiasm in the initial phases of making it a reality. That is why I have made the mission of Ideagyzer to provide real services, information and content to help everyone to give their ideas a shot at reality.

Naming Ideagyzer was easy – giving energy to your ideas!

Final thoughts

Making an idea a reality takes a lot of hard work, superhuman determination and a bit of luck. I have felt that and am willing to share, not because of a selling point, but because of the feeling I can contribute to other people success. That is why you will find only real, honest and relevant content, made by me, but open to your suggestions.

Thank you for giving me a shot at my mission!

P.S. Writing the About Me page has been the toughest thing I’ve had to write so far.


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